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Unlawful Material And Material Likely To Cause Offence

We reserve the right to monitor the material within Which? Online to verify that the site contents comply with UK law, advice from agencies (such as the Police and DTI) and that the content complies with best practice, as agreed by trade associations and other relevant bodies. Further, we will work with all of these bodies to identify and implement improvements to Which? Online. However, we are under no obligation to monitor the Which? Online web site (other than material provided directly by us), and are not liable for any contravention of the law resulting from subscribers' use of Which? Online.

Steps which we have the right to take:

Not permitting any material which is in breach of the Which? Way guidelines to reside on the Which? Online web site. This is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions for all subscribers to Which? Online and appropriate action will be taken against offenders;

Access and/or remove any material which is in breach of the Terms and Conditions;

Co-operate with the above bodies and/or the courts to access and/or remove, where appropriate, any material which is in breach of the Terms and Conditions.

Member Forums

Which? Online staff will positively encourage the lawful use of and contribution to Member forums. Forums will come into existence by various means including editorial contribution and subscriber suggestions. The forums will be the primary means of enabling subscriber-to-subscriber advice and groups of like-minded subscribers, to co-operate and achieve common aims. We reserve the right to monitor the use of these forums to ensure lawful use, but we have no obligation to do so.

Steps which we have the right to take:

Which? Online staff are trained to identify unlawful use of the forums and take appropriate action where necessary, but they are not obliged to monitor postings for the purpose of moderation. With the likelihood of many thousands of subscribers contributing to the Member forums, it would not be possible for Which? Online staff to monitor all postings;

Which? Online may operate a search facility within the Member forums to identify postings containing key words likely to indicate that material contained within that posting would be unlawful or offensive. The judgement as to what is offensive will rest with the Editor of Which? Online and will take full account of the views expressed by subscribers;

We reserve the right, in appropriate cases, to access or provide access to the content of Member forums and to private e-mail communications between or involving subscribers to the courts, the police and similar authorities where we are required to do so or where, in our discretion, we consider that such disclosure is necessary;

As the legal position develops, we will review our policy.

Internet Access

Which? Online will not intentionally provide access to material which is likely to cause offence to its subscribers. We will take reasonable steps to prevent inadvertent access to newsgroups and web sites containing unlawful material by: raising awareness among subscribers that such material exists on the Internet and, where possible, providing appropriate warnings; ensuring clear sign posting and separation of Which? Online discussion areas from those in public use on the Internet; providing direct links only to sites with an appropriate PICS rating and/or other widely adopted Internet site ratings; removing within a reasonable time material which has been identified and verified as illegal. However, please note:

The Internet is not in any way owned or controlled by Which? Online. We cannot control the content of the Internet and we cannot monitor that content;

Some of the content which you could gain access to on the Internet may offend you and be particularly inappropriate for children. As we are not able to exercise control over Internet content, your access to that content is at your own risk and we advise you to exercise caution when doing so. If you would like further advice on this subject please e-mail or call 0645 830 240 E-Mail Your subscription to Which? Online will provide you with the means to send private communications by E-mail. Although those communications are private, you are still required to abide by the Which? Way guidelines and Terms and Conditions.


All of the Which? Online content provided by us (including any computer software and such content in any member forums) is protected by English and International copyright laws and that copyright is owned or controlled by Which? Online. Unless otherwise stated, we reserve all rights in that copyright. This means, for example, that you may not copy, issue copies to the public, perform, show, broadcast or make any adaptation of any of that content without our permission. Much of the content to which you will have access on the Internet is protected by copyright laws and by other laws relating, for example, to trade marks. These laws are designed to protect the suppliers of that content and you should be aware that you may breach those rights if you use that content in a way which contravenes any restrictions imposed by those suppliers. You take full responsibility if you do breach those rights.

Whenever you submit content to a Member's forum or any other area to which subscribers have general access (not including members' webspace), you are deemed automatically to have granted to Which? Online a licence to use that content in any way that it wishes. That licence is perpetual, irrevocable and royalty free. You are also deemed to have waived any moral rights which you may have had in that content and to have warranted to Which? Online that you are the owner of any copyright or similar rights in that content, and that any moral rights in that content belonging to another person have been waived.

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