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Common problems with webmail

Security Warning on Images

For security purposes the new webmail system automatically blocks images from being seen on HTML emails. We do have a setting that you can change if you want to see these images automatically while reading email. To do this following these steps.

This is the problem experienced

Select the options link at the top of the page, this shows all available configurations you have. Once you have done this, use the "Display Preferences" option as shown below

Display Preferences link

You will need to select an option known as "Show HTML Version by Default" this will mean any HTML messages that come through in HTML format will be displayed in their intended format.

HTML display options highlighted

Once you have checked the option above and saved using the button at the bottom, use the "Options" link at the top of the page and follow the "Unsafe Image Rules" as shown below.

Unsafe Image Rules link

At the top of the next page there are a series of options that allow you to setup custom rules for each email that comes in depending on source email address and other properties. To display the images on all emails we would suggest you use the option at the top that is called "Trust all sources" Once you have selected this, use the save option button at the bottom.

These options once changed should take effect immediatly if they do not resolve the issue please feel free to give us a call.

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