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Setting up your preferences in Webmail

From any Webmail window, you can select "Options" at the top of the screen, to review or edit your user preferences.

Options available are:

  • Personal information
  • Message highlighting
  • Index order
  • Display preferences
  • Folder preferences

Personal information

Name and Address Options (all fields are optional)

Full Name

Enter your name. This will be used to identify you in outgoing email.

Email Address

Enter your email address. Email you send will show this address in the FROM: line.

Reply To

Enter the email address you would like people to reply to. Most email clients will use this email address instead of the "From" address when replying to mail you send.


If you would like to include a short message or "signature" at the bottom of your emails, you can type it here.

Multiple Identities

If you like to have multiple email addresses, signatures or names, you can enter them here, or select an already created identity.

Your Current Timezone

Email usually includes a timestamp that tells the receiver when you sent it. If you select your timezone here, the timestamp will be more accurate. If not, the server's time zone is used.

Display Preferences

General Display Options


Different color schemes are available. Themes with "(Changes)" after their name may have a different color each time you log in.

Custom Stylesheet

Select a stylesheet to use a different size font. The administrator may install special style sheets that further modify appearance.


Select a different language to allow the reading and writing of emails in that language. For example, to have Japanese emails display properly, one must set this to Japanese.

Use JavaScript


Detect if the web browser supports JavaScript


Assume that JavaScript is supported


Use plain HTML

Mailbox Display Options

Number of Messages to Index

The number of message to show per page.

Enable Alternating Row Colors

Show every other message with a different color.

Enable Page Selector

Show page numbers that let you go straight to a specific page.

Maximum Number of Pages to Show

How many page numbers to show. If there are too many pages then they will be split like this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 17 18 19 20.

Message highlighting

From almost any window, select "Options" from the menu at top. From the resulting page, select "Message Highlighting". (Windows style: Select Options -> Message Highlighting)

From this window, you can do these things:

Create a new highlight

Choose a scheme for highlighting messages that match a particular pattern (see below).

  1. Choose: Options -> Message Highlighting
  2. Choose: New
  3. Assign a name to your new highlight style
  4. Select a color for your highlight style
  5. Select a criterion for the highlighted message. The criterion matches, if the string is contained within the specified field. E.g. highlighting all messages coming from domain "" would be done by selecting "from" within the combobox and then type "" into the pattern field. The match is case-insensitive, and will match a header containing the search string anywhere within it - but no wild cards or regular expressions.

Edit an existing highlight

Make changes to a given highlight style.

Delete an existing hightlight

Remove an existing highlight style from the set.

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